With increasing demands for affordable, easy to use Pay-As-You-Go public print services, we have designed our unique solution with both end-users and retailers in mind. By giving the public access to services previously only available professionally, our solution can help retail outlets attract more visitors who wish to use our highly secure, yet incredibly easy to use print, scan, and smart workflow technology.


If you run a hotel, holiday park, restaurant, bar, or other businesses in the hospitality sector, it is crucial to stay one step ahead of the competition. In this incredibly competitive industry, existing and returning customers demand better value for money and exceptional services during their visit. Our unique solution is designed with purpose, giving users a quick and simple to use pull print, scan, and smart workflows service. All we need is power, an internet connection, and a small dedicated area. We will take care of everything else.


Are your managed properties work-from-home ready? With a huge increase in residents working from home and no sign of slowing down, why not strengthen your onsite facilities with the latest and highly secure pull print, scan, and smart workflow technology. Our unique solution is purposely designed to give users a quick and simple to use service. All we need is power, an internet connection, and a small secure area.

Student Accommodation

With student numbers soaring, the demand for high-quality student accommodation is extremely high. Increasing competition has led to many student accommodation providers seeking new ways to attract students through the latest technology and exciting on-site services. As students demand more, we are sure they will love our highly advanced pull print, scan, and smart workflow solution.

We’re super versatile

We understand that not all businesses fit into the sectors mentioned above. As we proudly develop our solution in-house, we love a good challenge and always welcome a conversation so we can hear all about your plans.
There is no doubt in our mind that we can make work in pretty much any environment, making it a fantastic investment but also a great addition to your digital transformation journey.
With our solutions starting from just £15 per week, we're confident both you and your customers will love it.